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General Care Tips

To avoid the possibility of your skin being irritated, you should wash your new underwear before putting it on the first time. Your clothing will remain in good condition on its own if you treat it as described on the label. An explanation of all label symbols can be found below.

To take special care of your underwear, we suggest Indian washing nuts as a biological washing agent for the laundry machine. These nuts are an organic product, gentle on both skin and clothing color, and they wash very thoroughly. Additional information about washing nuts can be found here.

Most underwear is even very suited to being washed at low temperatures in the washing machine. Try to use the fine washing program at a low temperature for your underwear. If your washing machine has no fine washing program, then please use the "easy to clean" program.

White Underwear

You should never wash white and colored underwear together, not even when washing by hand. This is because of the risk of discoloration from colored to white fabrics. This can cause your underwear to become gray and dull.

Colored Underwear

In order to avoid the colors fading in the laundry machine, you should take some time: Soften your colored fabrics in a bath with a splash of vinegar. Vinegar possesses a color-fixing effect. Then rinse the underwear thoroughly and place it in cold water with a little powder detergent. The water should not change color. You can then put your underwear in the washing machine.

Lingerie with Lace

Lace puckers easily. Therefore wrap the lace around a bottle and sway in a lukewarm soap sud (a liquid fine washing agent is eventually also suitable). Rinse thoroughly with clear, lukewarm water. Do not wring, but squeeze out softly. Dry by laying on a towel.

Bra with frames

Framed bras should be washed by hand whenever possible. Thus, you prevent the breaking, piercing or deforming of the metal frame. If you still use the washing machine, we recommend to use washing sacks.


You dry your sensitive underwear on a clothes horse - never on the heater, in direct sunlight or in a dryer. The wearing out of fabric and lace is advantaged through extreme heat. One should be more precautious with colored linen. Only cotton underwear is suitable for the dryer.

Stain Removal

If the clothing is discolored in the wash or there are blood stains or dirty underwear to clean, a bath in cold water and a little stain remover is suggested.


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