Our contribution to environmental protection

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- Electricity mostly from renewable sources

- Most of the heating energy from regenerative sources

- Use of recycled paper throughout the company

- Parcel delivery without unnecessary storage space in optimally adapted cartons; waiver of filling material

- Energy-efficient computer hardware and software, as well as accessories and peripherals

- Recycling of cardboard and paper with packaging license...





- Delivery of all parcels within Germany with DHL-GOGREEN, the CO2 neutral shipping by DHL, in which calculates all transport-related emissions, and be compensated for by external climate protection projects. The amounts made available by offset projects compensatory allowances are administered by the Carbon Management Team of DHL. All GOGREEN processes, as well as carbon management and the method of calculating emissions annually by an external auditor, (SGS) verified. The transport and envelope -related CO2 emissions be through external climate protection projects balanced. More about GOGREEN and current protection projects.

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