Figure Guide: Which Underwear is Suitable for which Figure?

Comfortable and matching underwear ensures a good feeling for whomever is wearing it. When we wear clothes that fit us well, we not only look good but also feel more comfortable.

But which underwear fits which figure best? And how can we conceal "problem areas"? We will briefly explain this below. You can find the SCHIESSER shapewear especially suited to hiding problem areas here.

Plus-size women can highlight their female figure with the help of the right clothes. The most important rule here: The fit must be perfect! If your underwear cuts into your waist a little, for example, you should not hesitate if you feel like you need to go one size larger.

For women who are unsatisfied with a larger figure and are not comfortable in short underwear,  bodysuits could be the right choice. This forms a nice hourglass figure and helps to conceal problem areas.

"Bodies" are now standard underwear, no longer regarded as stuffy or old-fashioned as they perhaps were in the past. High-waisted pants are highly recommended for plus-size women.

Because they sit somewhat higher, these pants hide the paunch and emphasise the upper abdomen as the narrowest part of the body.

Women with wide hips, however, should avoid long underwear because it puts additional emphasis on the hips. On the other hand, short briefs, strings and thongs with high cut legs help make the legs look longer and wide hips appear narrower.

To avoid that unpleasant and unattractive cut at the hip, which also emphasises the problem zone, one should consider seamless briefs or panties with ribbon lace or lace edging. These cling to the skin without cutting into it.

A great way to hide problem areas such as wide hips is always to emphasise other body parts. In the case of wide hips, it often helps to place emphasis on the cleavage.

The belly is among the most common problem areas. To cover it, you should always pick underwear with a very high collar, such as jazz pants or high-waist briefs. Underwear made of a more tight-fitting (figure-shaping) material such as cotton comes highly recommended. In order to prevent the waistband from cutting into your skin, we recommend, as we did above, seamless panties with ribbon lace. Hot pants or Asymmetric G-strings should be avoided if you consider your belly a problem zone, as they highlight this area.

For ladies with short and strong legs, underwear with a high cut leg (minis or strings) could help make the legs look longer and thus appear more sleek. Unlike wide pants, high-cut panties make the figure appear much slimmer.  You can find an assortment of simple exercises for a sexy underwear figure in our fitness tips.

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