Label Symbols

These symbols mean that the material can be washed normally in a washing machine. The number in the tub represents the maximum water temperature in Celsius.

A dash under the tub means: "gentle wash" at the given temperature. This means you should put the material under the least mechanical strain possible. Use a lot of water or a low amount of laundry and a slow spinning cycle.

Materials with this symbol require a special wool washing program from your washing machine or a gentle hand-wash.

Hand-wash at a maximum water temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. Handle material gently, rinse and squeeze.

This means that water should never be used when cleaning. Materials with this symbol must be cleaned chemically.


These indicate that a dryer should be used. Two dots mean: Suitable for the dryer without any restrictions. If only one dot is displayed, you should dry with reduced heat (approx. 60°C). If the icon is crossed out, then it means: not suitable for the dryer.

Clothing with this symbol should be air-dried by laying it on a flat surface so as not to wear it out.


1 dot: Iron at a low temperature (approx. 110°C) without steam
2 dots: Iron at a moderate temperature (approx. 150°C)
3 dots: Iron at a higher temperature (approx. 200°C)
If iron icon is crossed out: Do not iron!

Additional Advice

Some information regarding material care is not represented by any symbol, but is instead printed in small text on the product labels. Example include "do not spin" or "wash from the left" (in order not to wear down the exterior of the material due to it rubbing against the washing machine). "Iron from the left" is necessary, for example, when cleaning materials with so-called "foil printing," which can melt and smear with heat.

Chemical Cleaning

No chemical cleaning! Textiles marked as such should be carefully treated with a stain remover and other solvents.

These symbols illustrate how and with which solvents the material should be treated when cleaning with chemicals. The letters in the circles are abbreviations for various solvents: The triangle shows whether or not the linen can be treated with chlorine.

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