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Ecology in Underwear 

Many lingerie manufacturers I underwear industry, first and foremost Schiesser, in the meantime have changed many things in an ecological sense.

These include:

- nickel-free hooks/eyelets/latches in lingerie
- avoiding chlorine in bleaching
- the processing of unbleached materials
- avoiding formaldehyde when finishing materials and molding
- the cockling without chemical additatives
- avoiding dyes containing heavy metals or azo
- the processing of hand-picked cotton, whereby the use of chemicals for the defoliation of the cotton plants before the mechanical harvest is avoided.

The issue is to find a common binding and accepted standard that gives security to the consumer that the product he buys is not a health hazard.

Currently, the talk is about „Ökotex Standard 100”. This standard was created for the human ecological tests of 8 European research institutes (in Germany: Hohensteiner Institute). The „Ökotex Standard 100” contains the common conditions for awarding the authorization to label products with „Ökotex”. Currently there are 15 standards for various product areas.

The labeling: ,,Textile Trust tested for toxic substances defined by the „Ökotex Standard 100”, that the textitle product ,,was tested based on a standardized document that establishes criteria and toxic substances, and that this product does not contain, or contains but does not exceed the established degree, toxic substances”.


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