Formula 95/5

Schiesser Formula 95/5 for Men

95/5 - a formula designed for exceptional comfort. The ingredients: 95% silky-soft, premium-quality PIMA cotton with a matt sheen. 5% Elastane and a feeling of well-being.

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Men Rio-Slip Schiesser 95/5

as of 11,60 EUR
Single price 12,90 EUR

V-Shirt 1/2 Schiesser 95/5

Our previous price * 22,90 EUR
Now: 15,90 EUR
you save 31 % /7,00 EUR


Men New Shorts Schiesser 95/5

as of 16,10 EUR
Single price 17,90 EUR

2-Pack Men New Shorts Schiesser 95/5

as of 26,90 EUR
Single price 29,90 EUR

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