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All SCHIESSER women slips and shorts in sizes from 3XL. All articles without surcharge.

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SCHIESSER Women Maxi Brief Eviane

Our previous price * 12,90 EUR
Now: 7,90 EUR
you save 39 % /5,00 EUR


Women Rio-Slip Schiesser Simply Best Touch

as of 8,90 EUR
Single price 9,90 EUR

Women Tai-Slip sorbet SCHIESSER Fräuleinwunder

Our previous price * 13,90 EUR
Now: 9,90 EUR
you save 29 % /4,00 EUR


Women Pants Brief Schiesser Sport Extreme

Our previous price * 19,90 EUR
Now: 9,90 EUR
you save 50 % /10,00 EUR


Women Rio-Slip Schiesser Luxury

as of 9,90 EUR
Single price 10,90 EUR

Women Hip-Rio Schiesser Flower Power

Our previous price * 16,90 EUR
Now: 11,90 EUR
you save 30 % /5,00 EUR


Women Jazz-Panty Schiesser Classic Sportiv

as of 11,60 EUR
Single price 12,90 EUR

Women Hip-Pants Schiesser

as of 13,40 EUR
Single price 14,90 EUR

2-Pack SCHIESSER Tai-Slip

as of 13,40 EUR
Single price 14,90 EUR

Women Hip-Rio Brief Schiesser Eternity Lace

as of 13,40 EUR
Single price 14,90 EUR

Women Slip SCHIESSER Sport Extreme

as of 14,30 EUR
Single price 15,90 EUR

Women Micro-Pants Schiesser Favorite

as of 15,20 EUR
Single price 16,90 EUR

Women Rio-Slip Schiesser Lace

as of 17,90 EUR
Single price 19,90 EUR

Women Tai-Slip SCHIESSER Long Life Softness

as of 20,60 EUR
Single price 22,90 EUR

Women Pants Brief Schiesser Grace

as of 22,40 EUR
Single price 24,90 EUR

Long Johns Schiesser Luxury

as of 22,40 EUR
Single price 24,90 EUR

3-Pack Rio-Slip Schiesser 95/5

as of 25,10 EUR
Single price 27,90 EUR

3-Pack Tai-Slip Schiesser 95/5

as of 26,90 EUR
Single price 29,90 EUR

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