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Current sales promotions at underwear-shopping.de

You can find current special offers and permanently discounted items in our SALE.


The sales prices in our store correspond to the manufacturer's RRP (excluding special offers and old items in remaining sizes). With our discount system 10+5+5 we currently offer 3 combinable ways to discount.

Discount system 10+5+5 by underwear-shopping.de
The total discount represents a rounding value, as the discounts are deducted from the order value one by one.

Volume discount max. 10%

5% discount if you buy 3 or 4 identical items
discount if you buy 5 or more identical items

Scale prices are displayed below the item price and the discount is automatically calculated in the shopping cart.
Eexcept special offers, price-reduced products and saving packs from 10 pcs.

5% money-order discount

5% discount if you pay by bank transfer (e.g. SEPA money order).

Loyalty discount max. 5%
(Order via customer account required)

Registered customers receive a loyalty discount of 1% per 50 EUR order value - permanently.
(Order value is per purchase, not divisible)

Example: First order ≥ 50 EUR = 1% loyalty discount from the next order.
Second order ≥ 100 EUR = total order value 150 EUR = 3% loyalty discount from the next order.

Limit: 250 EUR = 5% loyalty discount on all future orders.

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