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Current sales promotions at underwear-shopping.de

Special offers with up to 50% off you will find in our SALE.


Discount system 10+5+5 by underwear-shopping.de

Volume discount max. 10% - except special offers

5% discount if you buy 3 or 4 identical items
discount if you buy 5 or more identical items

The discount will be automatically applied in the shopping cart and the reduced price will be shown.

5% money-order discount

5% discount if you pay by bank transfer (e.g. SEPA money order).

Loyalty discount max. 5%
(Order via customer account required)

Registered customers receive a loyalty discount of 1% per 50 EUR order value - permanently.
(Order value is per purchase, not divisible)

Example: First order over 50 EUR = 1% loyalty discount from the next order.
Second order over 100 EUR = total order value 150 EUR = 3% loyalty discount from the next order.

Limit: 250 EUR = 5% loyalty discount on all future orders.

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