Schiesser Lexicon - Surface Formation - Knitted Binding - Double Surface or right/right products


If one changes the needles, then right and link knitting can be created in any desired change. Both fabric sides have right and link meshes. One calls this type of material double-surface or right/right binding (R/R). The fabric is also horizontal.

Through this (simple) technique and through many additional technical variants, a nearly unlimited variety of different knitting fabrics can be created - e.g. materials with cutout effects, the so-called Ajour products, Interlock, Milano Rib, left/left quality, etc.

Underwear (e.g. vest) from knitting tubes are mostly wrought seamlessly. This means that corresponding machines (tube sizes) must be available for each size.

Typical and commonly known R/R qualities are e.g. Fine Rib and Double Rib.

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