Schiesser Lexicon - Surface Formation - Laces and Applications - Raschel Laces/Fransen Laces/Clip Laces


These knitted laces are often used in corsage goods and underwear as web laces because they are quicker, and therefore cheaper, to manufacture. Today' modern raschel looms enable a large variety of patterns up to Jaquardtronic® laces that can only be differentiated from web laces by experts. Raschel laces can be recognized by the fact that the motif and even the net lace base (no net lace base in web goods) consist of meshes. Inserted pattern threads that progress in a cross direction build the motif.   Fransen laces are raschel laces without a net lace base. Here the motif is built through pattern threads in the knitting needles inserted horizontally. Vertically progressing knitting needles hold the motif.  

Clip laces are also raschel laces. The motifs lie individually, without a connection through threads, in the lace base and have a lighter and more transparent affect.

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