Lingerie Glossary - synthetic man-made fibers - Polyester


Polyesters are fully synthetic fibers or fibers of linear macromolecules having in the chain at least 85 percent by weight of an ester of a diol with terephthalic acid.

They are produced either by polycondensation of glycol with Dimenthylterephthalat with precipitation excess glycol (Terylene type) in the melt spinning process.

Polyester fibers are 100 % wet strength and have a good alkaline and Acid resistance. They excel in their elastic properties, especially with its rapid resiliency, all other synthetic fibers.

Compared with polyamides its low stretch is emphasized in small tension stresses. Usability Polyester is versatile for all types of fabrics of ladies and Men's Wear, in the "classical blend " with 45 % virgin wool, as well as portions of mostly over 50% in blends with cotton.

As a filament and polyester staple fiber is the dominant material for curtain fabrics. Because of their high bulk elasticity Polyesterfiberfill is particularly suitable as filling material for quilts and padding. Production organic terephthalic acid combines with ethylene glycol to diglycolterephthalate.

Polyester is prepared in the melt spinning process. There are polyester filaments or staple fibers .

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