Schiesser Lexicon - Natural Man-made Fibers - Lyocell


1. The manufacturing process is environment-friendly because
the number of process steps is reduced
- and the solvent (NMMO) can be totally
- recovered.
2. Extraction of fiber properties that is not possible with classical rayon processes
very pleasant hold
- silky sheen
- elegant case
3. Definitely better textile physical values with regard to
- very high dry strength
- high wet strength
- low shrink values

- best quality and exceptional comfort.
- pleasant on the skin
- breathable
- absorbs humidity quickly and dissipates it rapidly
- gives a great, cool wearing comfort
- Lyocell by Lenzing has no undesired Pilling
- easy to clean – Wash 60°C, Dry, Iron
- Lyocell is natural to the core

Ölotex-Standard 100 is guaranteed

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