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Denim binding

With this binding, the type of thread-crossing already gives an effect (see sketch). A minimum of 2 (warp) threads are merged together, i.e. the weft threads lying crosswise go over a minimum of 2 warp threads. The so-called float is shifted at least 1 thread in the next (weft) thread row, and therefore the diagonal effect results. The fabric exhibits diagonally running ridges and acts firm and heavy.

There are 3 different types:
- Weft denim: The weft yarn determines the fabric surface
- Warp denim: The warp threads determine the appearance
- Double denim: With the same product appearance on both sides

With denim, compared to linen and drapery binding, the interweavement is more loose, with the same adjustment, therefore the fabric is more loose and softer.

Some terms related to the binding:
- Croisé-Finette: Cotton / fine-threaded and firmly rotated warp yarn, rough-threaded and loose weft yarn. Smooth top side / Rough bottom side
- Fishbone: Denim ridge is changed through a zickzack pattern
- Gabardine: Steep denim ridge, dense warp weft yarn adjustment – more loose warp threads

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