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Polyamides are macro-molecular connections in which amide groups are regularly built in their hydrocarbon chains. The most important polyamides are Polyamide 6 and Polyamide 6.6. The wonderful Tactel® - (Invista) and Meryl- (Nyistar) yarn in their various forms are created from PA 6.6.

Brand names: Tactel®, Meryl®, Supplex®, Helanca®, Nylon®, Perlon®, The properties of Polyamid can be different depending on profile, count and processing. Therefore the appearance can be from fine (microfiber) to rough, shiny to matt or smooth to bulgy (through texturizing). Basically, polyamide is easy to clean, deformation resistant, does not wrinkle, does not shrink, durable, tear and barn proof, light, soft, non-absorbant, dries quickly, easily washable, insensitive to saltwater, not photostable.

The brand polyamides like Tactel® and Meryl® enthuse through unique fineness, are really tearproof, don't break and have really low pilling. They possess a relatively low moisture absorbance capability.
The fine Tactel fibers bend easily than rough fibers and bestow a wonderful softness, correct fit and incredible wearing comfort to clothes.
The low density and the high coverage factor of Tactel lead to improved properties. Modern clothes are lighter than those of other materials.


- 30°C—60°C, delicates programme
- spin-dry only, hand dripping wet
- dry quickly
- no or only short ironing at medium temperature

Tactel and Meryl Variants

1. Tactel Diabolo and Meryl Satine surprise through unique effects in luster and feel.
2. Tactel Micro and Meryl Micro enthuse through unique fiber fineness and especially low weight.
3. Tactel Strata and Meryl Tango captivate through the mixture of round and trilobal profiles that can be differently colored.
4. Tactel Aquator possesses outstanding breathability through its special trilobal profile that boosts humidity transport.
5. Meryl Nexten is the polyamide hollow fiber from Nylstar. Materials manufactured from Mery Nexsten are lighter than standard polyamides and insulate better at the same strength.

Further Properties

- Particularly breathable, very good humidity transport
- Comfortable soft grup
- Through 2-layer material construction, exterior with cotton (as buffer zone for normal, not so breathable clothes)
- Easy to care
- Öko – Tex – 100 - Certification

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