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The Schiesser AG, the market leader amongst the German underwear specialists, was founded in 1875 by Jacques Schiesser. The company, with its headquarters in Radolfzell am Bodensee.

Schiesser develops, produces and markets day and night underwear for women, men and children as well as lingerie, homewear, bathing costumes and functional sport underwear.

The Schiesser AG also houses group-wide functions, such as research and development, quality management as well as comprehensive functions like logisitics and finances.

The production of the collections takes place in own factories in Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgary and Greece, as well as through long-standing partner companies.

In Germany alone, Schiesser suppliers over 6500 customers. In 2006, the Schiesser Group achieved a turnover of over 200 mil. Euros with about 3300 employees in Germany.

On the basis of new product lines, like functional sport underwear (market introduction August 2003) and the application of Schiesser Material Competence in the knitted fabrics market (set up of a new business area "Fabric Division" in Summer 2003), the company group will satisfy the changing key markets and structures as well as the changed consumer behaviour..

The high degree of popularity of the Schiesser Brand in Germany achieved a peak value compared to all branded companies.

Schiesser understands the different requirements of matching products for women, men and children. The high quality of material and manufacture are treasured by young and old worldwide. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Schiesser brand value, quality, naturalness, timeliness and aestheitcs already overlapped generations and are valued by the consumers. Schiesser products accompany people their whole life. Therefore, the brand has become synonymous for any clothing that is, literally, close to people.

That means: "Schiesser: Anything that touches you."

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